About Us

Brante Group – improving performance

Every day, we have the pleasure of initiating changes and seeing people, teams and organizations transform into something greater. Their changes may be subtle or significant and may be viewed as minor adjustments or complete turnarounds. Either way, these transformations are manifested through increased engagement, performance and overall profitability.

The Brante Group

Brante Group is a performance improvement company. We deliver workforce development programs and corporate training services, and we specialize in organizational development and services, team building, leadership- and sales training. We take pride in providing sustainable performance improvements through programs that engage and inspire.

People support what they help create. In order to build extraordinary talent, we believe in involving and partnering with our clients at several levels. Our passion for business and people development drives us to explore new research methods, best practice tools, and new technologies

Using the special talents and the collective experience of our consultants, we design cost effective solutions that are the right fit for you and your organization. Our partners globally are hand-picked to drive our programs to success and support you and your people at any given location

Our Vision

Empower good people to become extraordinary leaders and exceptional team members.

Our Mission

Training and inspiring people to excel so that companies can grow.

To be the leading global training partner and the first choice of participants, clients, partners, and employees.

Our Values

Our internal values and mindset are “BRANTE”

Brave         Do what we know to be right – always.
Respectful         Respect others; our clients, our company, our team and ourselves.
Allegiant         Be loyal to our mission, our customers and to our team.
Nurturing         Always make an effort to support and encourage people we come in
         contact with.
Trustworthy         Be dependable, have integrity and follow though on our promises.
Energized         Manage our mentality, our energy and commit to succeed.

Our clients

We work with a variety of businesses ranging from government-owned companies and institutions to internationally leading corporations and startups.

Our clients differ in size, industries, values and missions. The common denominator is that they all have leaders who are dedicated to growth and improvement of performance.