Culture & Change

culture_and_changeThe Brante Group is a performance development company. Our services are designed to promote and develop a positive company culture which enhances employee engagement. Why is this important? Company culture is directly linked to employee engagement levels. Organizations with a high share of engaged employees outperform organizations with low engagement levels by 202%, providing a 19% higher shareholder return (Gallup). Said differently, if you develop a culture where employees go the extra mile and your competitors do not, you will win.





Culture-and-change---objectivesThe Brante Group delivers programs that improve overall performance.

  • Ease transitions into new roles and responsibilities
  • Faster and better integration of acquisitions
  • Provide substantial and cost effective training
  • Provide programs that engage and inspire
  • Keep know-how up to date
  • Support HR by providing HR-resources as requested
  • Strengthen competency and skills




Culture-and-change---hr-servicesThe Brante Group offers a range of services that support your organization in building a healthy and driven performance culture:

  • HR-planning and strategy consultancy
  • Recruitment
  • Culture development
  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Kick-offs
  • Termination
  • Outplacement
  • Post-Merger Integration (PMI)
  • HR – Management for hire


Closeup portrait of a senior man smiling on white backgroundThe Brante Group takes pride in providing sustainable performance improvement through programs that engage and inspire. Our aim is for all participants to receive knowledge on their terms and according to their capabilities:

  • Onboarding programs
  • New-hire training
  • Post-Merger Integration (PMI )
  • Team and process development programs
  • Personal influence and time-management
  • Customer care and service training
  • Sales training
  • Leadership development


For more information about what we can do for you, your team or your organization, please contact us today for an informal consultation or meeting.

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