Organizational programs

OrganisationsThe Brante Group is a performance improvement company. We deliver workforce development programs and corporate training services.

Programs overview

1. Leadership for performance
2. Culture & Change
3. Sales development

1. Leadership Influence

The Brante Group offers tailor-made leadership and performance development programs in order to turn leaders into positive role models, cultural influencers, and ambassadors.

We are also proud to present our open personal impact and individual leadership programs where participants become influential communicators and empowering leaders. Click Here

Without strong, positive role model, research shows that employees at lower levels fail to understand their company’s value proposition and where their role plays into the overall strategy. Immediate leaders have the greatest impact on employees, and they play a vital role in ensuring performance and maintaining a positive company culture.

2. Culture & Change – creating a performance culture

Your company culture is directly linked to employee engagement levels. Organizations with a high share of engaged employees outperform organizations with low engagement levels by 202%, providing a 19% higher shareholder return (Gallup). Said differently, if you develop a culture where employees go the extra mile and your competitors do not, you will win.

For more information on how the Brante Group can assist you in creating engagement in your organization, contact us today or go to our
Culture & Change Program

3. Sales and customer experiences

The sales cycle is rapidly changing into a buyer cycle where all marketing, sales and customer service efforts must change in order to stay competitive. Customers are taking more control, and companies are answering by redesigning and adjusting “the customer experience”. Every customer contact may make or break a customer relationship.

The Brante Group has adapted to new ways and developed new methods of getting your organization to the next level.