You and your career

Business womenAre you not getting the opportunities you want? Are you ready for a change in your career?
Whether you want a fresh start or leverage the career you already have, we at the Brante Group will enable you to get to the next level. In our programs, you will:

  • Get clear on what you want and how to get it
  • Enhance your ability to position yourself for a new role or a promotion
  • Become more confident and better at influencing others

The Brante Group offers Individual open training and coaching.

Open Training programs – Improve your performance

The Brante Group arranges training events in order to enhance your performance, update your skills and enhance your personal influence.
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Personal Coaching – get a move on your career.

Changes constantly happen and an individual program with a personal coach might be the most effective alternative for you if:

  • you want or need a fresh start or a new career
  • you have grown out of your current position, and you want to advance
  • you want to grow into a new role or position

First things first, we need to make sure that you get clear about what you want. In our coaching programs, you will receive the support needed to get to the next level. We are known to give constructive feedback, which is vital in order for you to learn how you impact the people around you.

We help you identify the changes you need to make and support you in your journey towards success, and you will effectively be able to tap into your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Contact us today and get a complimentary coaching session.

Career transition

Are you eligible for an outplacement program with your current employer? The Brante Group provides outplacement programs that empower you to identify what you want and move on into a new successful career. Contact us today for a complementary coaching session.