business meetingTeam Performance Improvement

The Brante Group is a performance improvement company. We specialize in transforming organizations – one team at the time. Our programs are tailor-made to unleash the potential in your team. We enable you to effectively address your specific issues and help you ignite your team spirit so that you can take your team to the next level.

Our team building programs will enable you to:

  • Make your team more productive
  • Teach your team how to truly collaborate
  • Make everyone accept accountability for common goals
  • Make your team share information without inhibitions
  • Discover hidden potentials
  • Reduce conflicts
  • Boost your team spirit and moral

Team Building and development programs

Our general team building program is made up of six steps that may be tailored to the needs of your team:

1. Team Assessments
2. Workshops and team training programs
3. Personal Development Plans
4. Evaluation and testing
5. Outplacement
6. Recruitment

1. Team Assessment

A team assessment is the perfect tool to create mutual understanding and respect between team members. Through these assessments, your team will get to know and appreciate each other’s individual and natural strengths.

By seeing how their strengths are compatible and learning how to make effective use of this knowledge, your team will be able to share their workload more efficiently and excel together as one.

2. Workshop

Your team - Build respect and get to know your team in a new way. Perfect for new or partially acquired teams, teams in change or general team building.

Workflow - Addressing issues of conflict and clarifying team roles. Enable your team to design better workflows and improve communication in daily operations.

Culture - Setting common rules of conduct and interaction in order to improve respect and the overall moral and team spirit.

Team Influence - Improving your team reputation and increase your teams leverage inside your organization.

Profile selling - Next generation sales training for solution and complex sales. Win new clients by enabling your team to sell according to client type preferences

Custom made workshop - Training in the topic of your choice in order to get your team to the next level.

3. Personal Development Plans

To ensure that your team has the best opportunity for development, we create a personal development plan for each participant with weekly assignments and challenges.

With the support from our staff and constructive feedback from your team, each participant will learn how to leverage their individual strengths in order to minimize the impact of their weaknesses.

4. Evaluation and testing

Our programs are created with the aim of making a lasting and sustainable impact on your team. We continually assess the results of our programs to ensure that we achieve the desired results – both on an individual level and a team level.

5. Employee Outplacement programs

Outplacement programs may be the best solution for all parties when you need to let people go. The Brante Group offers career transition services which enable your former employees to move on into new successful careers.

6. Recruitment

Team members may need to be recruited as well, and knowing what make teams work, the Brante Group will recruit candidates that empower your team to reach new performance levels.